Modern IRC Client

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Imagine some cool, fancy client!


  • Connection Manager

    A simple, yet powerful tab to manage connections.
    You can set different nicknames and usernames for eachof them and in addition to that you can select whether or not a connection should be established right on startup or later on manually.
    It is also possible to set a command to execute after connection, for instance for services like NickServ!

  • Quicksettings

    You can change some settings just on the fly.
    These settings include whether or not you want notifications, if the window is not focused.
    The volume of these notifications and also if you want to see join or part notices of users in your channel!

  • Namebased colorrange

    To guarantee the best view and to not confuse you with the masses of users in each channel, users have different colors based on their name.
    This color is calculated through a hashing algorithm and is aiming to be as readable as possible.

  • Autocompletion

    On ↹ Tab it will be tried to complete your current word.
    Both channels and nicknames can be completed, both depending on the context.
    You will only be able to complete nicknames and channelsnames which you are connected to!


  • This is the best client I ever had and I had at least one already.
    I love the developer! I totally wrote this and was never forced to!
  • I do as well like this client!
    It has a clean UI, is easy to use and feels a lot more modern.

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