{ Lé-css }

It's free!

Lé-css is absolutly free and just that, it's open-source!
All the used libraries are free to use, Lé-css itself just combines all these into a realtime manager, and so I offer it for free, too!

It's so easy!

No setup, no anything!
The only thing you have to do is install JAVA and then simply copy and paste your project, Lé-css will automaticly look for current changes and compiles the .less files just on the fly!

It's efficient!

Lé-css uses diffrent threads for different tasks.
It will also compile .less files in a single rush when you change more than one file at a time!

It's cross-platform!

Lé-css is developed in JAVA so it works on all operating systems: Windows, Mac and even Linux!
There is no special requirement, but I recommend using the latest Runtime Environment.